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**Ms. Kelly has created a Scholarship/Bursary binder with paper copies of all applications. The binder is kept in the main office on the counter just inside the door. Please feel free to access this binder at any time!

Saint Dunstan’s University Board of Governors Scholarship

(Value $5000 per year)

The Saint Dunstan’s University Scholarship is intended for incoming full-time undergraduate students at the University of Prince Edward Island who are Roman Catholics and whose permanent residence is within the Diocese of Charlottetown.

Deadline: April 15th

Prince Edward Island Fisherman’s Association Membership Scholarship

(Value $1000)

Applicants must be related to a member of the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association

Deadline: April 15th

*Please see Ms. Kelly in Student Services for an application

Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, Inc. Scholarship

Applicants must compete a 500 word essay explaining how they could attend their university of college program debt free.

Deadline: April 12th

Carol Ann Smith Memorial Award

(Value $250)

Applicants must be entering a Nursing Degree program or LPN Diploma program at an accredited University or College.

Deadline: April 23rd

Robbie & Jean Shaw Scholarship

(Value $2500)

Eligible applicants are current or former IWK patients who have an academic average of 75% or higher and who are entering their first year of post-secondary studies.

Deadline: April 26th

PEI Command: The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary

(Value $500)

These bursaries shall be open to all worthy applicants residing within P.E.I. Command, The Royal Canadian Legion, who are CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN OR GREAT GRANDCHILDREN of Veterans.

Deadline: April 30th

The Canadian Student Leadership Association Bursary

(Value $500)

Awards are presented to exemplary student leaders from across Canada.

Deadline: May 1st

The Community Foundation of PEI Scholarships

(Various Amounts)

Scholarship Applications

Deadline: May 1st  

Jim Stirling Scholarship

(Value: $1000)

Deadline: May 17th

Hockey PEI Scholastic Award

(Value: $1000)

Deadline: May 17th 


Here are some useful scholarship websites, check them regularly!

Universities Canada

Scholarships 101


Very important:  All grade 12 students should be aware of the following information in regards to their graduation requirements, honours requirements, and university/college application process.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the required courses to graduate in June.  Make sure to check your course selection sheet and review your accumulated credits to ensure you have the correct number of credits to graduate:  You should be certain that the selections you have made are suitable for the honors program.

Scholarship applications will be made available to all students when they are received in school. In many cases you will be required to fill out detailed applications with essays and reference letters included.  Make sure to apply to as many scholarships as possible and check all required deadlines to ensure you will have all the necessary documents in time for the selection process. This is particularly important when asking for references.  Make sure to keep copies of all references for possible future use.

Scholarship information will be provided on the announcements and will be posted on this blog. Make sure to check this blog regularly for more information.  The application process usually takes place immediately after first semester marks are available.  You may however, apply whenever you choose.  Many institutions prefer online applications and some university calendars are only available online.  Students planning on attending a U.S. university are required to write an SAT entrance test and should see Mrs Munn about the application process and fees required.  Ontario universities and colleges require a special application with special deadlines.

Finally, should you need any additional information pertaining to particular entrance requirements for a specific program please check the relevant university web site, or if uncertain, contact the admissions office via email.  I am available for any other information upon request.

Student loan information and applications can be found at: .